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We Are Best-One

Best-One Tire & Service was founded in 1948 when Paul Zurcher went into business in Monroe, IN with a $300 loan funded through the GI Bill. Over the past 70 years, what started out as a single bay service station, has grown into over 250 locations in 26 states.

Paul made a successful business model by simply investing in others. Throughout the years, the Zurcher Family has continued to invest in dreams by forming partnerships with hundreds of entrepreneurs—each sharing a passion for the tire and service industry.

Though Paul passed away in 2015, the family’s involvement remains strong with three generations of the Zurcher Family. Along with our Executive Leadership Team and our Best-One Partners we all remain committed to “Creating Raving Fans”, and growing the Best-One influence in the retread, commercial, OTR, and consumer tire divisions.

The heart of Best-One could best be defined by Paul’s passion and love for people, along with creating opportunities for entrepreneurial success and growth. Corporately, we remain committed to honoring Paul’s core values, building strong relationships with our partners and suppliers, and creating new opportunities for those who join our Best-One family.

As the excitement for the brand continues to grow, we are fortunate to work alongside our Best-One partners each day, striving to Create Raving Fans out of every customer and team member our locations reach. Best-One remains committed to the legacy of love, learning, and entrepreneurial success that distinguishes our group from others in the industry.

The Best-One Big 3

The leading and most trusted provider of tires and services in all of our geographic markets.
raving fans in Princeton, IN
Core Values:
  • Live with integrity, character and passion.
  • Possess a servant's attitude.
  • Commit to the pursuit of perfection.
  • Accept the urgency of accountability and the necessity of change.


raving fans in Princeton, IN

For those who knew him well, Paul Zurcher will certainly be remembered for his personal list of Nine Lifetime Commitments:

  • To seek God’s friendship, fellowship, and guidance
  • To develop effective relationships
  • To treat everyone with honor, love, dignity and respect
  • To be self-disciplined and self-controlled
  • To do right things right
  • To be a positive person, enthusiastic, and passionate person
  • To never compromise my integrity
  • To plan for tomorrow today
  • To live life now, and live life wide open

Raving Fans® is a registered trademark of The Ken Blanchard Companies. The book, Raving Fans, was written in 1993 by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles and published by William Morrow. For more information about Raving Fans and/or The Ken Blanchard Companies, please visit www.kenblanchard.com. Used herein with permission. Best-One is a servicemark of M&Z, LLP.

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